What Is TESOL?

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an internationally recognized certificate that gives you the opportunity to be an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, and work all around the World.

Become an outstanding ESL teacher who chooses, instead of being chosen!


TESOL Part-Time is starting on September 15, 2018.

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Why Queen TESOL Centre?

Queen TESOL Centre is the first and only internationally recognized TESOL organization in Turkey.

Due to its affiliation with Vancouver International College – Career Campus, it offers the opportunity to receive a Canadian Certificate without actually going abroad.

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What Our Graduates Say



Today is the last day of my TESOL classes, which means I have completed it and here is the outcome of this course. Being a current teacher, to be honest, I thought I had some ideas about what makes you a good teacher but this program showed me there are a lot to learn and a long way to go. I have learned how to plan better lessons and activities. I have tried them in my lessons. Surely we had hard times about planning or catching up with the ideal lesson plans but our instructor was and still is there to help at every step. There are no words to describe how happy and satisfied I am by taking this course. Many thanks on behalf of myself for helping me to become a better teacher and on behalf of my students for making my lessons more interesting, interactive and even fun!



Queen TESOL program is not only an academic improvement to make but it is also a must-have personal achievement for one’s personal life. The program helped me discover who I am, what my limits are and how to further push them. The endlessly optimistic and helpful approach of our teacher helped me love the idea of being a tutor even more than I did before, and helped me be more self-confident and enthusiastic about myself. TESOL made me think differently, sharp and clever. Thanks to this program, I have started seeing how an educational and academic approach would help in many other aspects of social life. I am glad and happy I have applied to this program and I am very lucky to have my instructor as my guide on this road.



Being a current teacher myself, to say that attending this course has made me a better teacher would be a clear understatement. It has certainly given me a modern and comprehensive set of tools to plan, prepare and carry out my lessons most effectively. Our trainer taught us not just the techniques but passion, patience and persistence to get the best out of each lesson, be it Grammar, Reading, Listening, Speaking or any other skill that would improve my students’ abilities to master English. Thank you!


Nagehan KELEŞ

I have just completed my TESOL Course and I must admit that this course was transformative in many ways. As we progressed through the course content, I realized that i have improved my knowledge not only on modern methodologies of teaching but also on my abilities of content creating, language production, lesson planning and evaluating. This course was very intensive and it required one’s deep concentration and focus but it was all worth it as it had a great impact on my way of seeing language learning as a whole. I am very greatful for what i have gained through the course and big thanks to my wonderful instructor, her broad knowledge and splendid mentoring skills helped us get better and better each lesson. Overall I feel really content and fullfilled, thank you Tesol Turkey!



I do not think words can describe how I feel about this class. No words can describe how delighted I am to be in this class. I appreciate my teacher’s efforts. Rarely do we see such a teacher, who teaches with warmth and sincerity, and arouses enthusiasm in the hearts of the volunteers. She will definitely be my role model in teaching. Given that I had no educational experience before this class and everything in my mind was misleading and confusing, now I know exactly what the right way is. All the principles and lessons were patiently considered and addressed. They were very clear and practical and immortal in the mind, and I will definitely use all the items taught in this course in my classes with my students because they are all useful and effective, and will certainly have a positive impact on their learning process.It was a valuable experience and we had some valuable moments. I can not describe how high standard the process of this class was. I am very proud that I got acquainted with this material and this course, and especially this teacher, and benefited from this class.This program will definitely have a big impact on self-confidence and I highly recommend it to my other friends who are going to teach.



To be honest, before starting this TESOL Program, I had no idea how challenging it was going to be, but at the same time, I must admit that it was extremely rewarding and beneficial. I haven’t had any experience in teaching English at all.However, during these TESOL classes, I’ve learned a lot about teaching English. I discovered various new knowledge as well as obtaining essential skills in teaching, which, I believe, will help me in the future. It was really interesting and highly beneficial to follow every class and create lesson plans for each area, such as grammar, reading, speaking, and listening. I, personally, have discovered a lot of fun and interesting techniques and methods of teaching language and language skills.I would like to extend my cordial gratitude and sincere appreciation to my instructor, who was always there to assist and support us, and who worked hard to lead us through this TESOL path. I also feel lucky to have such supportive and understanding groupmates and would like to thank them for sharing these hours with me and making them an unforgettable experience. Finally, I owe a gratitude to Queen TESOL for providing such a professional and effective course, and for their kind assistance in the solution of any issues, whenever required.


Nilsu ABAY

I’ve just completed How to Teach IELTS & TOEFL Short Course and would like to thank my trainer and Queen TESOL for this very informative, engaging and fun course. Although I have been teaching English for almost seven years now, thanks to this course, I’ve realized that helping students prepare for tests requires a whole other level of expertise. Throughout the course, I’ve learned a lot about TOEFL and IELTS examinations and feel much more confident about both taking these exams and teaching for them. I must say that I appreciate the way the course was structured and taught. It included a number of interactive activities and hands-on experience, which helped me to put myself in test takers’ shoes and get in-depth information about these tests. I’m also grateful for the positive and friendly atmosphere and would like to thank my trainer one more time for her efforts and hard work throughout the entire process.

Hope to meet again in another course!


Soumaya Aloui

I am really satisfied with the content of the TESOL program. It was really enriching and related to some specific useful competencies. TESOL program was more than I thought; on the one hand, it will help me to grow professionally, on the other hand, to improve my leadership skills as well as it taught me how to create an interactive classroom experience. I have learnt many things that can help me in my teaching career. Now I can say, I have officially become a teacher, who can teach language skills and prepare a lesson plan in a perfect way. My special thanks to my trainer; she is really a good tutor. She was patient and dedicated all the time. It has been a great experience for me. With love.


Saeedeh Pashaee

Even though I am a teacher and I have been Teaching English for a couple of years ,TESOL program helped me to be aware of my weak points and taught me to work harder on them. The program was a tough process but despite all ,I had a great time and I enjoyed each and every moment of teaching and learning. This program has changed my thoughts on how to teach and what to teach. I believe that the quality of my classes will be better, therefore my students and I will see the difference. Although I had a feeling of prejudice toward the course , all faded away. I would like to thank all ,especially our teacher for their contributions and all the effort.



Taking this course was such a great decision. It was exactly what I needed to give me a clear idea of what my students will need to do and, therefore, what they need to learn. By the end, I felt ready to lead a class on the subject. A huge thank you to my incredibly knowledgeable teacher, and to the entire organization for an incredible useful class and a wonderful experience. I am extremely grateful!


Luiza Gigitashvili

Dear Queen TESOL!!!

First of all, I am very thankful for this opportunity and possibility to pass the TESOL program with you.I would like to thank the staff of Queen TESOL Centre for their attention and professionalism.I would also like to express my thanks to our trainer. She is the purest example of a great teacher.The program itself is something that I would certainly advise all the teachers who are teaching English both as a foreign or a second language. The program is full of necessary information and knowledge that each teacher should learn, as well as the techniques that each teacher should apply while teaching English. The knowledge that I have received during the course simplifies and enriches my teaching and lessons. Thanks to the program, I have received great feedback from my students, and I see the results. Thank you!


Şahin KAYA

Though being a bilingual person and English teacher for years, I’ve learnt a lot out of this course. With our instructor’s vast knowledge of both teacher training and exam teaching, we discovered new dimensions to our teaching skills. The institution I’m working for assigned me an IELTS student during our course. Although I haven’t taken or taught IELTS before, I had amazing results with my student thanks to this course. He was so happy with my teaching that he suggested my IELTS course to his friends, and I have more students now.


Germán Adolfo Buitrago Torres

I had the amazing opportunity to prepare myself with Queen TESOL Center as a teacher and after having finished my course I can say that it has been one of the best experiences in my life. First of all, our trainer who gave us all the preparation is highly qualified and she guided us not only by using the material properly but also by giving us examples of her own experience as a teacher. Secondly, the time spent with my classmates during the online lessons was wonderful and I can say that I learned a lot from all of them. Thank you Queen Tesol for contributing to follow my dreams and for allowing me to be part of this wonderful family.


Canan and Nuray

We would like to extend a warm thank you for your excellent Tesol course which was organized between the 29th June- 15th August. We are having hard times in this year and online training requires a lot of things to do for both the teacher and participants. Not only the session was very informative but also we had a new perspective for teaching English. Our teacher trainer was extremely helpful that made the whole process of learning so much more fun. The training material you provided was very interesting and the lessons conducted were highly motivating.

We want to thank you and your team again for this productive process. We have already started to use what we learnt.



Dilara Cansu KÖKEN

After I had completed the TESOL programme, I noticed my strengths as a teacher had improved as well as realizing that the art of teaching encompasses a vast range of skills such as knowledge and more importantly understanding the profiles and the specific needs of each individual student. The TESOL programme gave me a chance to create and use my own lesson plans with the other participants. It was a great experience for me. I understood that, creating an interesting and appropriate lesson plan is essential as it provides the framework for stimulating ideas and tasks which ensures students’ attention. While presenting my lessons with the guidance provided by the lesson plans in the classroom, I realized that being able to transfer my knowledge to the students creates within me is a unique feeling of satisfaction. The teaching experience also triggered an incredibly positive change in my ability to empathize with students of all ages and ability levels. I had a great experience with the TESOL programme. It gave me a chance to improve my skills, abilities and attitudes as an effective teacher. This programme taught me all the necessary information to become an English teacher. Teaching is an art and I am so happy to be a part of this profession.



Despite being intense, this course was the most fun experience I’ve ever had. Thanks to our teacher sharing her knowledge with us. We’ve gone through so many things together and learned so many new techniques. I’m looking forward to putting my newly learned knowledge to practice very soon. During this program, I’ve had the chance to use the things I’ve learned in my classes at work and I’ve seen how perfectly they work to help our students. Thank you all for what you’ve done for all of us. Thank you for this amazing experience and for letting us discover our new traits about ourselves. I can’t wait to join the courses to come.


Gürhan AKTAŞ

I always considered myself as a fluent speaker of English Language. It also felt that it should be easy enough for me to acquire teaching skills. However having attended the TESOL program with our teacher, I now know that I was totally wrong. I am now about to complete the program, feeling a lot more enlightened and wiser than before. I know now what teaching ESL/EFL is about. For that, we owe a lot to our teacher, who has been an excellent teacher throughout for the last 8 weeks with her enthusiasm, discipline and wisdom on the subject. P.S: I am also very appreciative of the Queen TESOL Centre for creating such an impressive WHOLE LEARNING environment for us.


Diana GENÇ

I wanted to thank you for this course. It was very interesting, I’ve learnt a lot of new information and I am sure my lessons have become at least 5 times better than it was before. This course is not just taking the certificate that will give you a lot of opportunities; it’s an amazing education process to improve your knowledge and skills in teaching. There are different language courses that can produce TESOL but this course for sure will teach you a lot, so I absolutely recommend it to all experienced and non-experienced teachers. I am happy that I worked with such professional people. Thank you so much.

Diana GENÇ


Buse Alkoç

Even though I graduated from ELT department and have some teaching experience, this course made me combine all the knowledge I have and teach many valuable things. Now I feel very comfortable to prepare materials and create lesson plans. Besides ELT department, this also goes with other branches that require communication skills. We are so lucky that we met a wonderful teacher here who expanded our point of view and made us love to do this job.


Elif Gökbulut

TESOL program was such a great experience in terms of a guide to being an ESL teacher. I will use the tips and approaches widely at my own classses. Other than that, it was also great to meet with new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Our trainer was always so helpful during the course. The course was intense but we had a lot of opportunities to practice. It was worth being here. I surely will miss it.

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