TESOL Program 5.700 TL
TESOL Online (Blended) Program 5.700 TL
TESOL for Test Preparation 5.700 TL
TESOL for Children 5.700 TL
PTS Program + TESOL upgrade

(either Test Prep or Children)

7.200 TL
TESOL + TESOL upgrade

(either Test Prep or Children 20% Discount)

10.260 TL
PTS(Practical Teaching Skills Program) 1.500 TL
How to Teach IELTS & TOEFL Short Course 850 TL
  • For each TESOL program registration fee is 2.000 TL. (except TESOL Online-Blended)
  • Your registration fee is deducted from your course fee.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Fees are affected by the increase in exchange rate.
  • For short-courses the payment is done in full.
  • VAT is included in TESOL courses, for short courses VAT will be added as %8.
  • Fees can be paid in installments by credit card only at the head office in Istanbul, however the fee would be 5.800 TL in that case.
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