Against Ordinariness!

Breaks ordinary, traditional English course image with its education system and programs along with its comfortable butique school atmosphere.

For Queen English Education Programs:

Values Students!

Each student who studies at Queen English Language School is a member of our family. Their satisfaction about their education; relaxing when they come to the course; leaving here with joy and being aware that they are really learning are our priorities.

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Values Teachers!

Queen English Language School also trains English teachers who have international qualifications at its sister school Queen TESOL Centre. Queen TESOL Centre offers internationally recognized TESOL Cerificate to future English teachers and ESL teachers who would like to improve themselves as the first and only TESOL Centre in Turkey.

Values the School Atmosphere!

When you step into Queen English Language School , you will see that the place that you will have classes has an comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that will take away all your stress and fatigue after work or school. It offers you a different language school atmosphere with its decorations that resembles to a modern palace , with island view on its terrace. The only thing left is; you should sip your tea/Coffee on the terrace in the breaks and attend your classes!

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